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If you would like to learn more about the online course: L.E.A.P or if you’d like to book me for a speaking engagement, or have a transformational story to share on my L.E.A.P podcast, please email me at:

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6 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Susan, Hi this is Kris from PTKT San Diego! You are an amazing writer! What you wrote about your brother brought tears to my eyes. I lost my brother February 3, 1991. I still miss him so much. I’m sending hugs your way and much love. Take care my dear friend.

    1. Kris,
      Gosh…thanks for your words, your love and support! How ironic that you, too, lost your brother in February. Rocky died on Valentine’s Day…I know that there are some losses that you really never get over…those that we simply have to learn to live with and hold those memories so close to the heart and hopefully live more fully as a result of the loss. All my love to you!

  2. Hello Susan,

    Your entry “conversation with Grief” showed up on my FB page today via Compassionate Grief. It is beautiful. I lost my 40 year old Sister unexpectedly and suddenly on April 9th. It is a horrifying experience. She left behind 2 children, no end of life plan and their father has only supervised visits. My heart is with you . . . this is my first experience with grief as an adult other than Grandparents and I sure was not prepared for the depth of pain and all of the corresponding layers of emotion. I love reading about grief when the writer is able to put the reality into their words and you can feel them. It is a healing feeling. Thank you for sharing your grief and writing about it.

  3. Susan
    We met at a house warming part in N. Yarmouth and had a brief discussion, I too have lost one of brothers 12 years ago, and our daughter 15 months ago, her birthday is Valentine’s Day, I attend an adult group at center for grieving children and spoke of your upcoming book and we are all anxiously awaiting its availability, I have to say what a joy it way to meet, you have such a wonderfully demeanor putting every one at ease right off the bat.
    Thank you for your kindness.
    Rosemarie Powers

    1. Rosemarie, what a beautiful and kind note. Yes, of course, I do remember! My brother died (as you know) on your daughter’s birthday. There is something about this that feels so sacred. I’m sure I told you that I ran groups at the center for close to 5 years. I’m not sure if you plan on coming to the book launch, but there will be a special table there for the facilitators at the center. Also, I’m not sure if this was coincidental that I recieved this from you tonight, but I posted my first blog post today after I think 3 years. All the information is on my blog about the launch. Make sure to register. If you go to my blog on my site, it’s the most recent post. I hope to see you there…and thank you for taking the time to write to me. I think you are the most courageous person…the loss of your brother…and then the devasting loss of your daughter. I will have books at the launch and if you can’t make it, it’s available on Amazon for pre-orders. I am sending you so much LOVE and LIGHT as the anniversary of your daughter’s birthday approaches. The launch is February 15th…MUCH MUCH LOVE TO YOU!

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